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Historical Town of Lamberts Bay

Lambert's Bay, a tranquil seaside village, situated on the West Coast of South Africa, 290km (two and a half hours) from Cape town, is a seafood mecca, with lots of sea activities, restaurants and other popular attractions, all completed with a superb mild mediterranean climate.

About Lamberts Bay

Thousands of Tourists, holiday makers and even ornithologists worldwide have constantly been fascinated with Bird Island and Lambert's Bay harbour. Birds such as Gannets, Penguins, Seals and Cormorants can all be seen on the Internationally acclaimed, Bird Island. Have an unforgettable experience and be sure to do some whale and Dolphin watching (in season) as Lambert's Bay coastline is an excellent place for this or take a walk along our beautiful, unspoiled white beaches.

Well known for its seafood delicacies, Lambert's Bay has a wonderful dining experience for all visitors, including two open-air restaurants, which should not be missed!

Feeling a bit adventurous? Some exciting activities around Lambert's Bay includes, microlighting over our stunning bay, sandboarding on the dunes, Quadbiking, game watching, plus much more!

History of Lambert's Bay

Originally known as Otterdam - but Between the years 1826 and 1840, Sir Robert Lambert - a formal british admiral surveryed the coastline for the Royal British Navy and proclaimed the area, renaming it to Lambert's Bay.

The development of the village started back in 1918 when a lobster canning factory was erected and in 1959 Bird ISland was joined by a breakwater to the mainland to give protection to the fleet of fishing boats in the harbour.

British ships often visited the area during the Anglo-boer war in 1901 and a gunboat ship named "sybille" ran aground at Steenboksfontein. You can find today, at the Lambert's Bay museum, remainders and salvaged items of this instence as well as at the "plaaskombuis" restaurant in Steenboksfontein.

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